Monday, February 8, 2016

five with desiree

The first time I saw this music video it made me feel a certain type of way. Still does... and the song...

Jason adams for some reason is really inspiring to me. The opening line in this part after the wall ride when the song starts... it's good shit. I like the way he skates. I would always find myself watching it... especially when i was on rail trips and at a loss of what to film. I don't know shit about skating though.

These guys were both my roommates. This edit is what my life living in bear was like. I don't really know where Mikey is anymore, I know he has some babies. Nick and I still get to hangout sometimes, he is the best. Him and Jarad Hadi were the first people who had to explain to me that you weren't supposed to stay on the groomed runs...

When this edit came out I would watch it religiously, and make all of the peepshow watch it with me. I will never look like Danimals, but i can dream.

Kids camp.

- Des

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