Monday, February 1, 2016

5 with Taylor Kline

Good friend, art gallery operator, boys club member Taylor Kline shares "5".  

Pontus Alv's film, "The Strongest of the Strange". Released in 2005, but I didn't come across it until my freshman year of college, 2008. Absolutely changed my perspective on skateboard culture, the documentation of skateboarding, and reestablished the fact that skateboarding doesn't need anything more than you, your friends, and a concept to make an interesting and good skateboard film. 

Probably the most influential blog I followed throughout high school and college, FecalFace Dot Com, recently traded in it's internet modem for an eCommerce job with DLX Dist. Founder John Trippe still has his hands in Fecal Face Gallery, which is in the Mission of SF. Although the blog no longer is updated, there are years of amazing content. FF still has amazing exhibitions and continues to contribute to the amazing melting-pot of cultures in the Mission. 

You all have Netflix or your brother's password to it. Argentinean Chef, Francis Mallmann is the real fucking deal. I have romanticized over his lifestyle and cooking since for far too long. His cookbooks are a thing of beauty too. Drink a bottle of wine or two and wish you could live like him. 

A few years ago I got really into Nouvelle Vaque (French New Wave Cinema). Specially filmmaker, Jean-Luc Godard. His film "Breathless is the peak of this niche in cinema. 

This album brings together 3 of the most amazing jazz musicians of their time. Max Roach (my personal favorite jazz drummer of all time) Charles Mingus (on bass and arguably one of the most influential musicians of 20th century) and last but not least, Duke Ellington himself fucking the piano up.

- TK

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