Wednesday, February 3, 2016

5 with Sean Lucey

Sean Lucey, Think Thank filmer/editor, owner of a psycho black cat, Washington local shares 5. 

I'm working on the new Think Thank teaser so i've been watching a lot of teasers. This is probably my favorite one of all time. Good music, great movie, first time i ever saw a front blunt 270, and one of the best back lips ever done.

I wanted to post Nolan's Welcome part on here but I think they deleted it when he quit. This dude is insane. Backside boneless on the Garfield wall three years ago. Seattle has a pretty crazy skate scene right now. The current pros from Seattle are Cory Kennedy, Nolan Johnson, David Gravette, Jordan Sanchez, and soon to be Sky Siljeg. That is a pretty crazy group of super original people.

I've been filming powder riding in Washington a lot this year. This is my favorite powder part ever. Epic Song, all Mt Baker, all black & white super 8, and Jamie Lynn. This whole movie is really good actually. I love Volcom movies. I think I also just really like simple themes. Like let's go to Mt Baker and film a section for the video all B&W super 8. So sick. Also I think the term "Legend" gets thrown around in a really crazy way these days. The only dude I know that I would actually consider a legend is Jamie Lynn. I've got to know him a little over the past few years just filming him skating and that dude is absolutely a legend.

Zach Chamberlin and Yoan Tailandier are my favorite skate filmers. This is just a really good edit filmed really well. And it has a Badbadnotgood song.

This is the only skateboard VHS that I don't own but really wish I did. I probably never will either. It's the first antihero video and it sells for like $200 on eBay. Just look at that second shot. The dude pushing down hill in the rain. So crazy. All the old Northwest footage, old Burnside, Julien Stranger, and Cardiel. Amazing video.

Oh shit I thought of a non skate/snow video.

This is just the teaser but you can find the whole documentary online. I actually used the audio from one of the interviews in the beginning of the latest Think Thank edit.

- Sean

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