Wednesday, January 27, 2016

here we go

Ted Borland's new part in "Methods of Prediction" is real good. Bravo. Thank you for making snowboarding look fun, appealing, and stylish.

(snowboarding on tuffy shovels, tops of garbage cans, park rails etc > snowboarding in any way shape or form off a roof)

In other news,

Desiree Melancon also has a part in Think Thank's new flick, shared with another stylish fellow Justin Keniston. Her & filmmaker/photographer friend Tyler Orton have started a new project called "United Slopes of America". Check out some of Deesiree's other projects, AF-1234 / Girltalk.

"oldie but goodie" before the Impaler :)

The Impaler4nHESH hangtime

Duluth withdrawals,

timeless classic,

If you don't have a copy of this or this yet, go ahead.

and goodnight,

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