Wednesday, December 10, 2014

here we are again

So it's been a while, from the looks of it, since Boys Club Grab Party. Not really sure when my blogging impulses stopped, probably during my last semester when my roommates and I decided to go out 5 nights a week. Or maybe it was midterms. Here we are sitting in the Phoenix, AZ airport on a layover to Seattle. Destination Mt. Bachelor for the Dirksen Derby. As VG’s new press affiliate, i’m hoping to get a good report. We have a lot to catch up on. MAKEFRIENDSORDIE has gotten a ton of coverage. Sexton mentioned us in print, a photo was published of Jake OE wearing one of our exclusive t shirts, our online store has sold out multiple times, co-owner Matthew Boudreaux has moved to Austria for the winter, and Stephen, Dylan, and myself among others have departed from the north country of Duluth. Hyland is our new spot, and it is different. New crews, new kids, no chalet. The snowboarding world is pretty cool right now. It’s so easy to hate on, but if you step back and think about it, it ain’t dat bad. Lets see, in no specific order, but an easy first mention is Jed & Tanner's CRAZY LOCO flick. Amazing riding, good music, mixed with Tanner's filmmaking magic. Tons of homies too. I got a sneak peak of "Connect the Dots" from England native Ian, and Kas Lemmons is about to get a box. He has good style, all the tricks, and the song. The entire video is entertaining. I really wish I could be on their premiere tour. Dragon does a World Tour featuring all the hot young bloods in snowboarding. Their first Austria video is cool. If you follow them on snapchat you know they be eatin good. Although I have not seen the entire Think Thank "Almanac" video, i've been waiting for a Justin Keniston part. Trash League Nov Kickstarter is a treat. Those spots! Holy Deja Vu Lou first cut. It's his "footage that won't be used" in Deja Vu's two year video project, and not his real street footage. Hayden and the Deja Vu crew are putting out my favorite videos right now, this second in time. Out of the hundreds of millions of Hood edits I have wasted my time watching, this, that. is. the best. Adidas rolls over to Russia. Some audio claims going to a place no one has been before, but I remember an Airblaster flick where Dirks is ripping 4 wheelers in a Russian jungle. Anywho, the boys in stripes did it too, and came home with some smooth visuals. Unfortunately Jonas only scored a few lifeys. The Interior Plain Project recycles some old boards and puts on a "Daggers Event". My flight is about to leave so i'm not going to get into details, but click the link, watch, learn, and participate. So many more things I need to mention but i'll have to end it with these in a quick fashion, Video Mixtape was my favorite movie of the year, Snark Files, Chikenmeat, halfpipe dude, Nolan, and free Deja Vu film. Till next time, l8r fUtUre,,

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