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Where are you right now ?
Home west St Paul.

How has your winter been so far ?
Awesome, I spent some time in the cities early on but after the new year headed north to Michigan with Jordan. Snowed 230 inches up there. Now i've been back in the cities for a week or so then I am headed out to bozeman to link up with Kirby to ride/film powder. Tryin to scrape my money so i can rent a sled and send it. 

That sounds fun. Riding powder has sounded really appealing this winter.
Yeah are initial plan for Michigan was to just go for a week, but then it just kept snowing. I think it snowed almost 80 inches while we were there. We rode at Bohemia i think a total of 6 days, we didn't really film much at the resort, it was so good i couldn't get myself to film, i was selfish but i don't give a fuck. We filmed a lot of back country stuff, snowshoeing into areas that looked promising, usually ended in something good.

Holy smokes. I would have wanted to stay too. I feel ya. This winter has been so cold that when I go outside I want to ride for myself too.

Can you give a brief rundown of WFTC 2 ( riders & filmers ).
Filmers were Sam Duncan, Chris Duncan, Jon Stark and myself. Riders were Cole Linzmeyer, Jordan Daniels, Colton Morgan, Cullen Bernklau, Sam Bakken, Colin Wilson, Aidan Flanagan, Jesse Paul, Colton Morgan, Alek Binder, Jake Moore, Justin Fronius, Vinny, Billy Bottoms, Benny Kaufman, Brandon Sakiewicz, Joey Peterson, Jack Thornvold, Andy Pearson. Intro shout out, all those dudes are the best. 

heck yeah. good list. 

You guys started this video the winter after You Know My Function and Working For The City came out. Why did you guys collaborate on a second Working For The City Flick ?
Man thinking back,  the first time i met the dude (Stark) was in Utah. I was with Sammy D , Colin, JD, Cole, Fronius, we were filming some back country shit up in one of those canyons. Stark and Fronius were filming the original wftc at the time and we were ykmf. Thinking back i don't know why we did, like i can't think of an exact moment when i was like oh this is why we should, it just kinda happened, Fronius was down, it seemed like JD, Colin and the dudes were down, we ended up hangin at MT. Hood the summer before the start of the wftc2 winter for a month or some shit JD and i had been skudding it sleeping in a tent for a month and stark had this fuckin condo that was all nice had a shower and shit. That was dope.

Yeah i remember that.
Like i said i can't think of an exact reason why we did, it just seemed like a bunch of the dudes were fired up. More people to film, more time. 

Speaking of time, The video took longer than the normal one winter snowboarding project. 
We managed to make some shit work. Go on a few trips, but the footage at the end of thew season was sick, but it didn't seem like it was right. Up until that point everything was ham. But it felt like it could be more. Why rush that shit. It's always such a rat race.
I agree.
Everything just looks the same/ feels the same sometimes. There are definitely videos that stand out but majority just the same ole.
How did the riders respond to the idea of a two year project ?
Well that's the thing we didn't even plan for a two year man, it just happened. It  was never officially stated. This is now a two year project. Some of the dudes were down, some were not, and i mean i get it trust me. We work hard all season, i wanna show people that shit too. But patience is key when it comes to this. You cant go back in time to make your video part better. 
Yeah, patience is key. I feel like a lot of snowboarding "stuff" is rushed. It's just put out for the sake of being put out. I've done it before, i'll admit. But there isn't much behind it to support it.
People doubted the shit out of us while we were making that movie. 
Really ? I think some people were more intimidated, or interested. 
I mean i feel like that a little bit, their was talk. 
Yeah, people talk.

As for the riders, they are all pretty much Minnesota and Wisconsin natives, what's up with Colton Morgan having a part ?
Dude Colt,  Colton is the man, we met Colton the winter of ykmf, a car load of sent it out to Tahoe and him and his mom and his sister let us stay at there amazing home for almost a month, the nicest family ever. He had filmed with Stark that year too and he was just down, and he ripped. Colton is so much fun to watch snowboard.

Haha heck yeah, it's always so fun staying with families on trips, hotel life sucks.

I was super excited to hear that Colin Wilson was getting after it, how was it filming with him ?

ahaahah Colin is a riot. That first winter a bunch of us went to Marquette, Michigan for a trip, we stayed at this Luke Hepler kids house (Chad Sullivan) he lived in this tiny ass house on the outside of town. I think he called it the stabbin cabin. We fucked that house up. I think Colin and Froni were sleeping in this little attic space. It was funny as hell. But anyway, one night we all went to the bar downtown, and we were all fucked up. I remember Luke stood up on this coffee and ass slammed it, it shattered and i remember looking up and seeing Colin just chuck his phone across the bar and it shatters. That's the last thing i remember about that night. But we all ended up somewhere different. I guess Colin walked to some spot at like 4 in the morning and somehow got a cab to bring home. Even though i'm sure he had no idea. 
So he's good at partying, and takes filming seriously ?

Yeah no doubt, sometimes it was his girlfriend who was the issue when it came to filming. She sucked. Sorry Colin. 

Hahah, sick. 

What about a memorable story at a spot with Jesse ?
We were in Duluth, had been there for a week or two, on our way to Du Lac one day we stopped at this double slide rail, it took us like and hour plus to set this thing up it was pretty sketchy. He did it first try no warm up. Like a boss. We all got high and went to Du Lac. That was the best day, we had gotten kicked out of few spots in the morning and were feeling defeated so we sent it to Du Lac only to stop here in a whim so he could to it first try, fuckin rad. 
So towards the end of the video I heard Stark dropped off his hard drives and bailed, what happened with that ?
I'm not sure of the exact exact reason why. I think he was more anxious to drop the movie then we were at the time. The do it to get it done mentality was in affect. We couldn't agree on that. Nothing we were doing was planned. That's how we wanted it to be. It's good to have structure but you can't plan shit out to a tee. It just has to happen... that i think was the major reason. Many of other reasons i am sure. We are all just doing our thing.
So you guys "finally" finished the video, produced dvds and had a premiere. How did that feel?
Felt good. I mean when Stark left the movie was like maybe 1/3 "finished". We changed a lot of what was done when he left and we finished the parts, some of the tricks in that movie got filmed like two weeks before the premier. 

So the project was 2 winters long ?
1.5. we "stopped" filming for wftc2 and started filming the next Impaler video on that same trip to Michigan. We snuck a few HD clips into wftc that were after the new year. That was the deadline to start the new one* the new year. 
Did the dvds sell well ?
Well we made the first issue of the Impaler and dropped with the dvd, we sold a pretty good amount, i shipped some to New Zealand and Canada and some other countries across seas. We had a free shipping thing so for those Canadian orders they were livin large. I made like 75 cents on all the out of US orders, but i don't care, i want them to see the guys shredding. But i think we made back most of what we put in. We spent most of that money on beer and black snows. Like 8 black snows. And some other random shit, a bunch of disposables. 

Before we dive into the impaler, did Jesse or Vinny have ender ?
Vin did. That last shot is seriously fucking insane, we brought some randoms to that gap recently this winter and they kept saying did they change this or what? Because that thing was no joke. They thought they had redid the scape and made it bigger and shit. Watching stuff in person really makes the difference. 
Oh heck yeah, I always think of that with skating. Every spot is 10 times harder to skate in real life.
Both of them had ender. That's my real answer. They are both so on their own game of fucked up shit, along with everyone else. 
Ha Ha word, well this video is something else. It has Froni's part before he got two rookie of the year awards, a hammer grom section with Aidan and Cullen, Colin Wilson's first full part. Vinny's last footage before he went sober. Bakken, Jake Moore, JD and Alek seem to put out footage slowly, but when they do it's filled with so much style. The rest of the dudes also did work. Lately I have liked videos short and sweet, but I think this one could have dragged on and I still would have enjoyed it.

So give a brief introduction to the Impaler.

The Impaler is pretty much the same group of dudes minus a few, add a bunch more. All the boys are killing it this year, Aidan and Colorito and Andy P, and Sam G, Andy Latterner, Nate B, Jerry, Braseth, Max, all the Duluth kids are killing it, Mitch and Ian Dreher and these Michigan homies are filmin too so i am hyped everyone is down. It's all to tape, taken not so serious. I don't need a RED camera to make the snowboarding look better, it already looks good. I am rambling. But Sam D and Chris Duncan are killing it, they have been stackin. 
I'm excited for this project. You guys seem like you have a cool thing going. Lots of you live with each other at the KDWB house, quite a few filmers and photographers in the crew, and really good riders.
Yeah that's the key. Lots of cameras around. Jesse is super into and kills it for photos. Murphy and Sam are on their shit. I love filming with those dudes, the both of them have taught we so much about everything that goes into the whole process of street shit. 

You guys switched from HD to all SD footage, what's the reason?
Change, i think the mk1/mk2 fisheyes look way cooler then the extreme and that fisheye is heavy as hell. I don't know, tapes are real. It's kind of given everyone a refresher.
I respect that. In snowboarding I think each has its place, they are all just tools to capture moments we find great. 
As far as having fun and not being so serious, but also being on point.

I respect most the people in the olympics and real snow, but i honestly can't relate to it. What are you diggin in snowboarding right now ?

Dude Warp Wave shit is tight. Anyone who is sending if off cliffs and riding in deep snow. For me that's what i like to watch, i can relate somewhat. I like doing that shit. Earlier i got baked and went to Youtube and watched some edit of Jake Blauvelt shredding pow in Japan and i got so fired up. That's what's up. And obviously all the VG dudes. 
Lets end with a story from the KDWB house.
One night we were party at KDWB and like any night someone was skating at like 3 in the morning in the living room and and i shooting some photo's of it. I heard some commotion coming from in the basement i heard someone yell "she's puking!" so i busted through a bunch of people  and just as i got into view she was throwing up and her top was off, that chick was a ratchet. I got the photo. Still waiting for that to get back from the developer.

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