Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I Would Rather Drink A Beer

Anyone from the midwest knows that snowboarding is much more than the Olympics. The young kids who are killing it at Troll probably don't want to learn triple corks. They seem to be inspired by people in Videograss and 1817. Kids on G-Team mite get off to crazy jump gymnastics but I wouldn't generalize the youth being heavily influenced by the Olympics and X-Games. They probably do watch it, but it's about once a year. 1817 puts out a few edits a month. The other day we were talking about how much Olympic related shit we have seen posted this year because of snowboarding. Personally I haven't watched any of it besides Sage's winning run on the internet. I blame it on not having cable. Peoples have been posting about Shaun White bailing out of slope style so he can win half pipe. Why is this bothering everyone? I thought we all made fun of him and shit, Yobeat did. I mean, he doesn't even look good doing it so why does it matter all of a sudden. I guess it shows that he's soft and doesn't care about America.. AMERICA! I was really excited that Shelby Menzel didn't bail out this year. Anywho, Warp Wave puts out their second video this year. "Don't starve, Enjoy the carve!". Three minutes of carving mite be hard to get through, but 13 minutes of Westgate B sides is insane. Return Of The Snark! Mike Rave has been kidnapped by the Snark and forced to perform horrible acts of desperation in front of his camera. Will he be able satisfy The Snarks desires? Or will he end up in a tank of sharks with laser beams attached to their heads? Ha Ha, this is good. Hopefully it all works out. Thanks to everyone who had something positive to say about the WFTC2 interview. Hopefully the first of many..

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