Monday, February 17, 2014


Lack of posts means that i've been busy. With that said I have noticed some awesome new stuff happening. Lets start with the new Monday Minute from 1817. Jake Moore once again confirms that he is my favorite snowboarder. Boody is a couch potato. Jeffy is super G. Any footage of Jake OE being loose is hilarious. Danimals gets mad hype for his side hit, and I can't forget the rando clips of Billy and Kuzyk that just work. The Catfish brought to my attention this horrendous teaser from some local dogs. A few posts ago I was defending midwest snowboarding by talking about what influences the younger generation. I shouldn't have spoken for all because there are some huckfest out of control moves in this teaser. But there are also some pretty cool spots and a few mellow jump shots. The shot of the homie in the Cal-Surf shirt saved me from fully losing it. Jenkem Mag posts a interesting interview with Pontus Alv. This dude is a big influence on myself, makefriendsordie, and Rift. LURKNYC posts BRAINDEAD. "3 week escape from new york winter." I can't wait to skate.

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