Thursday, February 13, 2014

cop lifey

VG Picnic Table Party from VIDEOGRASS on Vimeo.

When we were hungover after new years Jake OE and I were talking about having a party at Bush Lake park. Jake planned out a super fun day of riding, beer, bonfire, Arnaud, ice fishing, and a ton of friends. A bunch of out of towners made it too! This was one of those days that makes you remember that snowboarding is so fun. Lets all do this in the spring. It should be a monthly thing, or weekly. Today Duluth got some fresh snow and we rode Spirit Mountain. It was filled with face shots and Rick Ross. Powder, oh Powder... we really CAN'T help falling in love with you! Transworld Skateboarding post a new Dolan Stearns part that got me hyped again on LA skate spots. If you need to kill an hour listen to Bill Murray and Charlie Rose chat about life. Keep The Change new video Homage looks like a banger. The crew got smaller which isn't a bad thing. Looks like they have been hitting some cool spots too. I think i'm having wet dreams in Slovenia. Once you get a minute deep into this video you will want to go ride with your dudes. Cheers, COP LIFEY!

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