Thursday, January 30, 2014

some more

Kuzyk put out some cool footy for his new Vans welcome video. About a year ago I went to Japan with Jake and Danimals. Signal Japan put out another video from the trip. It's still the best place I have ever been to. Passed Out Pilot Log from IPP. It didn't really work for me though, Jack was awake the entire video.. The Snowboardermag is making a movie called Foreword. It has a really epic song from a band I dislike. But I won't hold that against them. The riders list is obviously good. The trailer feels like a mix between a Nike SB trailer and a TWSkate trailer firing off tons of hints and clues. The titles are interesting. They give a little backstory description on each person. "The Foreword roster is Spencer Schubert, Dillon Ojo, Hans Mindnich, Sam Taxwood, Dylan Alito, Garrett Warnick, Brandon Hobush, Jaeger Bailey, Blake Paul, Nils Mindnich, Sage Kotsenburg, Ben Ferguson, and Ayumu Hirano, and these kids are ready to show the world that snowboarding's future is in good hands. This is the first of many SNOWBOARDER Magazine films to come. This is Foreword."

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