Monday, December 16, 2013

// Welcome: Kazu Kokubo //

"Even though snowboarding is about having fun, if you can follow your passion, you are very fortunate. If there isn't enough time to do what you love, I think that's the worst thing that can happen to someone." - Kazu's father. Good talk dad. Pierre Minhondo with another great video for Adidas snowboarding. It's funny how Adidas is a new corporate company in snowboarding, but they show their team as super core. What does core even mean? Their boots don't look bad in their lookbook. They are supporting awesome dudes in front and behind the lens, so I can't complain. WeAreFrameless Tour goes to Boreal. While looking through my vimeo likes I sent it deep and found some oldies. Will Batemman TV! at Hyland a few years back. Jackson Casey's "life of my lens" was a real hit. Ha Ha. Vinny footy from 09/10. WELCOME TO THE NA†ION::EVAN "GWEECH" OKESON (officially on SENDxHELP too).
BU$TED zine #6 is done and being printed soon. Thanks again to Erik Zimmerman, Sam Orosz, Jonas Michilot, Johnny Brady, Josh Manoles, and Kevin Castanheira for their words and visuals. The store should be stocked soon. Cheers Sandy Pussy and The Green Diamond.

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