Friday, December 13, 2013

weekend before finals

A week after The Impaler drops EveryTime they bring us Strange Parade. Hyped to see videos from these dudes. Usually they keep their magic off the net. Vans Snowboarding presents a new video series featuring what looks like video portraits of their legendary team. The first Introspect gives us some clean visuals and wise words from Marben. Nick VonWerssowetz aka LURKNYC drops his new video LOONY BIN. Todd Kirby resurfaces this youtube clip filmed at the Thorblood house.

Over winter break we are making more MAKEFRIENDSORDIE sweatshirts along with stickers and a new BU$TED zine. Jerry is still on vacation, cheers daddy. EDIT EDIT: Mike Rav Shark Invasion is sick !

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