Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Pilot Log: Jack Thonvold

Pilot Log: Jack Thonvold from The Interior Plain Project on Vimeo.

A lot of cool things happened this week in the world of snowboarding, thank god. - The Impaler drops EveryTime which is filled with a bunch of friends, good times, and creative riding. - Dragon weareframeless tour rides Mammoth. Gesme and Blake Paul make snowboarding look really fun. - Adidas released a cool trailer for Kazu Kokubo. I'm not familiar with this guy but I admire this quote, "I want people to think of me as someone who loves snowboarding. Not for fame or money. I just simply want to soak in this experience. And then disappear." - On another note, Magenta skateboards put out a super hammer skate vid, "OLD WOOPS NEW GROOVE". Even if you don't skateboard watch this for the filming and style. It's cool to see simple tricks looking so good. - Lastly i'll end with a quote from Pontus Alv's top 5 over at quartersnacks. "I really love that they skate together, which is something I personally believe is missing in today’s skate world. Skateboarding has always been a social thing, but when making videos, it has become too much about presenting the individual star. I think that’s a big loss in videos today. In old videos, it was always about capturing the boys skating together and creating an atmosphere around it. This part captures that spirit well. Today it’s more, “Here’s this guy, he’s the superstar.” I think that this can relate to the snowboarding world. Growing up the videos that got me hyped for Hyland were DC mountain lab and Airblaster August. Now we have full parts and individual projects. We need more magic.

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