Tuesday, January 15, 2013


This post is pointless. But Vimeo "stats" have always interested me. They show who posts your videos and who likes/watches/views/and some other bull. Yesturday "MAKEFRIENDSORDIE 03 HYLAND" hit the 10k. This is the first video on my vimeo account that has reached over 10k views. Not to exciting to some but i'm down. Thanks to those who have spread the visuals. This makefriendsordie/busted project has been super fun. I enjoy every minute of filming/editing/lurking/thinking/exploring these vids. Hopefully the future will be a hard copy of the edits, so the internet doesn't lose them. That will happen. Thanks one mo gain, stay loose, take nothing serious, be yourself, be a hero, just do it, get born blah blah blah, makefriendsordie.

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