Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Last summer I got to work at Windells Camp in Oregon for my second summer. It was a great time and I brought out some expired black & white film. I only got to shoot a few rolls but they bring back good memories! Above is the shot of the Sandy River that ran through our backyard. It never stopped.
Roomate/ski filmer/tight scene Jake Strassman at his "work" desk overlooking the backyard.
Intern Will Start chillin in the backyard.
Tyler Malay is secretly a model..
and he pretty good at it.
Got a lot of doodling done on this log.
Danimals, Riley Erickson, and Cody Beiersdorf came out for some VG business. Luckily I got to hang with them for a bit!
Will Bateman getting his picture taken in the house. Always good to see him.

Hyped that Ian Post joined the crew this summer. Look out for his video "Life After Hours". 
Mt. Hood
Windells Skatepark
I miss skating here..
Windells had a good group of employees this year. It was fun meeting, exploring, and hangin out with everyone.
Allie is a fellow Minnesotan. She works at Hyland too! @DR_DRAGE
Evan holding some sea creature.
I spent a lot of days with this raver. Ian Neal is a skate coach along with Sev Boosinger. Good times with these fools.
Taildrop at Beaverton skatepark
James Fleege was around for bit!
Jesse Paul also known for his pants was there all summer.
I got to make it to the mountain a good number of times this summer. Always good to hang with the diggers. Austin Leonard, Jordan Small, and Jared Jordan taking a rock break..
Camping on the coast was always a good idea.
Yachats, Oregon

Some guy showing me his fish.

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