Friday, September 21, 2012


Blake Reid, Josh Bishop and Myself went to Europe for a few weeks this past August. I am posting some of the 300 pictures I have, others have been concealed to protect reputations and family members of all partys involved.- Hoagie


Some bridge.

Athens, Greece

We met these kids our first night in Athens, played soccer in the park, and watched as they shut of the escalator system for the Subway while messing with the security guard.

Island of Santorini, Greece.

Mad blue oceans n shit.

Mad graffiti yo.

We found this ramp on the way home from a beach

Hard to tell here, but this thing was falling apart

Mopeds were essential.

The crew

Ate a grocery store meal in an unfinished building, one of the best sunsets

Scooter Crew



This dude demanded that Blake and him get a mustache photo.

We probably ate gyros every meal


Skating in Albania, one of the strangest countries with the cheapest cigs.


The safest tunnel you've ever seen.

Budva, Montenegro

 Vegans aren't welcome in Montenegro, no joke beef is everything there, this meal was almost completely meat. 

Bus ride sunsets.

Fresh fish is huge in Montenegro, these sea bass were supposedly caught an hour before we ate them

Josh lost his shoes in Montenegro, hence the 5 euro soccer shoes.

Dubrovnik, Croatia. This city is amazing.

One of the sickest beaches

One of my favorite pictures.

Cigs in the club was the best thing about the entire trip.

Split, Croatia

One of my favorite photos of the trip. 

Beer and Orange Juice was part of the essential breakfast.

Barcelona, Spain

I was initially bummed on this photo of Josh, hoping that the shot would of had him riding away (which he did next try) but then I realized thats dumb and this picture is amazing.

Burger King is huge in Spain and ... just as disgusting.

Public shaving

Subway etiquette.


Hanging Over on the last morning together in Barcelona.

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